Indian modern market has increased by over 200% in comparing to the last decade. Over 54% of buyers comprising of Nonresident Indian or Expats. Market size in the 90s was about 200cr by end 2013 estimated market size is 1200cr Fourth largest Art market Tyeb Mehta, S H Raza, F N Souza, Subodh Gupta, MF Hussain,
V S Gaitonde, Manjit Bawa, Jagdish Swaminathan are some of the popular names in Indian modern art spearheading international art scene. Modern art market resilient in comparing to contemporary art with only 9% fall during the global economic meltdown around 2007-2008 as compared to 24% to the latter.


Encourage global audience to understand Indian Modern Art. Regulate Domestic market and educate International audience the potential of Indian Modern Art. Ethical modus operandi keeping in mind the Artist, the creator of the work piece. Revolutionize the buying and selling process. Reduce syndicate between gallery owners and preferred artist. Regulate price of artwork as per official market trend. Providing valid platform to emerging artists. Formalize Al Turaash Art Fund and establish it for the Indianization of Global Art scene


Al Turaash Holding intends to introduce and implement ART FUND, a process that will enable and encourage individuals and corporate house to regularly invest in Indian Modern Art through measured and ethical practices and provide them a base to resell their work or pawn their work to raise liquidity.

In India, unlike many countries across the world, Art trade is unregulated and therefore at the time of Art sale process the buyer is persuaded by Gallery owners to invest in Art, however at time of need there is no system in place that can enable an individual / corporate house to raise liquidity.

We aim to establish global panelist who will verify the authenticity of each artwork brought to us and have its estimated value deciphered. We will provide investor the option of raising capital against their possession corresponding to its estimated value. Investor will also be introduced to any opportunity of sale during their tenure of borrowing, through participation in Exhibitions and Auctions. We will provide Art portfolio management, restoration, storage and transport facility to all our existing and new customers Introduction of Art Fund will not only stabilize the buying and selling process but will improve investor confidence as it will provide them a window of hope to secure their assets worthiness during the time of need

Art Fund will

Also result in developing sound art investment method. It will improve trading lines between Galleries and End users Encouraging short and medium term tenure in art investment Providing individual / corporate house consulting in purchasing right works.